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CHO-BOND 1086 is an air drying liquid coating, silicone adhesive primer

CHO-BOND 1086 Technical Data Sheet

Value Proposition

Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND primers 1085 and 1086 are air-drying liquid coatings used to improve the adhesion of Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND conductive silicone compounds to metal and other non-silicone substrates. The primers are moisture reactive and clear in color. CHO-BOND 1085 primer is formulated to achieve maximum adhesion on non-silicone substrates for CHO-BOND 1029 adhesive. CHO- BOND 1086 primer is formulated for use with CHO-BOND 1016,1030, 1035, 1038, 1075 electrically conductive adhesives/sealants and CHOTHERM ® 1641 thermal compound. Note that typically, the proper primer comes bundled as a “kit” with the CHO-BOND or CHO-THERM compound ordered. However, if extra primer is deemed necessary, then part numbers for just the primer are provide in Table 2. See the Conductive Compounds Selector Guide for a more detailed listing of which CHO-BOND adhesive / sealant part numbers come packaged as a kit with the primer and which do not


Typical Properties Primer 1085 Primer 1086
Viscosity @ 25°C (77°F), centipoise 5 5
Color Clear Clear
Specific Gravity 0.82 0.80
Flash point, °C (°F) 14 (57) 6 (43)
Use Temperature, °C (°F) -80 to 200 (-112 to 392) -80 to 200 (-112 to 392)
Elevated Temperature Cure None None
Room Temperature Cure 0.5 hr 0.5 hr
Working Life N/A N/A
Shelf Life, unopened, from Date of Manufacture 9 months at 25°C (77°F) 9 months at 25°C (77°F)
Minimum thickness recommended 0.0001 in (0.00254 mm) 0.0001 in (0.00254 mm)
Maximum thickness recommended 0.0005 in (0.01270 mm) 0.0005 in (0.01270 mm)
Volatile Organic Content (VOC) 731 g/l 774 g/l


  1. Surfaces to be joined must be clean, dry and oil free. In a well-ventilated area, clean the substrates with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and let the solvent flash off. (Other solvents, such as methyl ethyl-ketone (MEK), toluene, or acetone can be used to clean difficult to remove contaminants).
  2. Wet a lint-free cotton cloth with the primer and apply to the surface in horizontal and vertical strokes. Keep the surface wet at all times. A cotton swab is a common applicator for a grooved or stepped surface. NOTE: Due to the low flash point temperature of the primer, ensure that the container is re-sealed immediately after use.
  3. The primed surface must cure for 30 minutes at room temperature. A relative humidity of 40% to 70% is optimal. A low humidity level may require a longer cure time. NOTE: There is no elevated temperature cure time for the primer.
  4. Apply the CHO-BOND / CHOTHERM adhesive / sealant per that product’s instructions. NOTE: If the primer has been applied for more than 4 hours without the application of the adhesive / sealant, repeat steps 1 through 4.

Ordering Information

Product Weight (grams) Packaging Part Number
CHO-BOND 1085 400 1 pint can 50-01-1085-0000
CHO-BOND 1086 10 3 gram glass vial 50-10-1086-0000
95 4 fluid ounce glass bottle 50-04-1086-0000
375 1 pint can 50-01-1086-0000