CHO-BOND 584-208

CX50000584 0208

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CHO-BOND 584-208 is a two component, silver filled, highly conductive, epoxy adhesive system

CHO-BOND 584-208 Technical Data Sheet

Value Proposition

CHO-BOND 584-208 is a two-component,silver filled conductive epoxy adhesive system designed for applications where a strong, highly conductive electrical bond must be achieved. CHO-BOND 584-208 is recommended for applications which require a conductive epoxy with an extended working life such as high volume part dispensing or complex part assembly operations.Curing of CHO-BOND 584-208 can be achieved in as little as 45 minutes with heat to minimize equipment downtime and increase manufacturing throughput. With a 1:1 weight mix ratio, CHO-BOND 584-208 is easy to handle and use. Typical applications include bonding and grounding of electrical
components, cold soldering, and bonding and sealing machined enclosures.