CHO-BOND 584-29 30G Pack

50-00-0584-0029 CHO-BOND 3 OZ

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CHO-BOND 584-29 is a two component, silver filler, conductive epoxy adhesive

CHO-BOND 584-29 Technical Data Sheet

Value Proposition

CHO-BOND 584-29 is a two-component, silver filled conductive epoxy adhesive system designed for applications where a strong, highly conductive electrical bond must be achieved. CHO-BOND 584-29 is recommended for relatively small bond lines (less than 0.010 inches (0.25mm)), but can be used for larger bond lines in applications where vibration or potential for cracking is not an issue. The fine silver filler of CHO-BOND 584-29 make it a good material choice for precise application in and around tight spaces and electrical components. CHO-BOND 584-29 comes in a variety of sizes and packaging so customers can choose a package and material size which is right for their application, minimizing material scrap and mixing issues. Curing of CHO-BOND 584-29 can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes with heat to minimize equipment downtime and increase manufacturing throughput. Typical applications include bonding and grounding of electrical components, cold soldering, and bonding and sealing machined enclosures.


Typical Properties Typical Values Test Method
Polymer Epoxy N/A
Filler Silver N/A
Mix Ratio, A : B (by weight) 100 : 6.3 N/A
Color Silver N/A (Q)
Consistency Very Thin Paste N/A (Q)
Maximum DC Volume Resistivity (Cure Cycle 1) 0.002 ohm-cm CHO-95-40-5101* (Q/C)
Minimum Lap Shear Strength (Cure Cycle 1) 1200 psi (8274 kPa) CHO-95-40-5300* (Q/C)
Specific Gravity (Room Temp Cure) 2.5 ASTM D792 (Q/C)
Hardness (Cure Cycle 1) 80 Shore D ASTM-D2240 (Q)
Continuous Use Temperature -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to 257°F) N/A (Q)
Elevated Temperature Cure Cycle Cure Cycle Option 1: 0.25 hour @ 113°C (235°F) Cure Cycle Option 2: 2.0 hours @ 65°C (150°F) N/A
Room Temperature Cure 24 hours N/A (Q)
Working Life 0.5 hours N/A (Q)
Shelf Life, unopened 12 months @ 25°C (77°F) N/A (Q)
Minimum thickness recommended 0.001 in (0.03 mm) N/A
Maximum thickness recommended None N/A
Volatile Organic Content (VOC) 3 g/l Calculated
Typical Coverage Area at 0.010” Thick per Pound (454 grams) 11,000 in2 (70,968 cm2) N/A

Features and Benefits

  • Two component
  • Fast heat cure, increases throughput, minimizes equipment downtime.
  • Silver filler
  • Excellent conductivity 0.002 ohm-cm
  • Epoxy
  • 30 minute working life, works well over wide temperature range, good chemical resistance >1200 psi lap shear, good for permanently bonding surfaces.
  • Multiple packaging options
  • No weighing required, mix and dispense in same package, minimizes process scrap.
  • Thin paste
  • May be dispensed out of very small needles, fill small cracks and voids.
  • Low VOCs
  • Minimal shrinkage