Therm-A-Gap T630 30cc Cartridge

65-00-T630-0030 30CC CARTRIDGE

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THERM-A-GAP T630 is a fully cured, highly conformable, single component gap filler

Therm-A-Gap T630 Technical Data Sheet



Value Proposition

THERM-A-GAP Gels are highly conformable, pre-cured, single-component compounds. The cross-linked gel structure provides superior long term thermal stability and reliable performance. These unique materials result in much lower mechanical stress on delicate components than even the softest gap-filling sheets. They are ideal for filling variable gaps between multiple components and a common heat sink.


Typical Properties Product Test Method
Physical Color Visual
Flow Rate, cc/min - 30cc taper tip, 0.130" orifice, 90psi (621 kPa) Select Product from the right column to view specs here Chomerics
Specific Gravity ASTM D792
Percent Deflection @ Various Pressures (0.5 psi) (1 psi) (2 psi) (3 psi) (4 psi) (5 psi) Modified ASTM C165 Dispensed 1.0 cc of material Brought 1” x 1” probe down to 0.100” Test rate 0.025 in/min
Typical minimum bondline thickness, in (mm) --
Thermal Thermal Conductivity, W/m-K ASTM D5470
Heat Capacity, J/g-K ASTM E1269
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, ppm/K ASTM E831
Operating Temperature Range, °F (°C) --
Electrical Dielectric Strength, VAC/ mil (KVAC /mm) ASTM D149
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant @1,000 kHz ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor @ 1,000 kHz Chomerics
Regulatory Flammability Rating (See UL File E140244 for Details) UL 94
RoHS Compliant Chomerics Certification
Outgassing, % TML ASTM E595
Shelf Life, months from date of manufacture Chomerics

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
  • Dispensable
  • Fully cured
  • Highly conformable at low pressures
  • No refrigeration, mixing or filler settling issues in storage
  • Single dispensable TIM can eliminate multiple pad part sizes/numbers
  • Reworkable
Typical Applications
  • Automotive electronic control units (ECUs) - Engine control - Transmission control - Braking/traction control
  • Power conversion equipment
  • Power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies
  • Power semiconductors
  • MOSFET arrays with common heat sinks
  • Televisions and consumer electronics

Product Attributes

T630 / T630G

  • Years of proven reliability in high-volume automotive applications
  • General use material
  • Good thermal performance
  • Lowest deflection force required
  • Minimal stress on components
  • "G" version has 0.010" glass beads as compression stops for electrical isolation


  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Low deflection force required
  • Minimal stress on components


  • Superior thermal performance
  • Solves the toughest heat transfer problems
  • Low deflection force required
  • Minimal stress on components

Ordering Information

GELS 5=Standard packaging 00 THERM-A-GAP GEL T630(G), T635 & T636 0030=30cc Taper Tip Tube
0300=300cc Aluminum Cartridge (Caulking Style)
9=Custom Configuration 11 25177 T630 (G)=1 Gallon Pail (1125cc, 5Kg)*
32768 T635= 1 Gallon Pail (2800cc, 4.2Kg)*
32769 T636= 1 gallon Pail (2800cc, 3.4Kg)*
Custom Part Number THERM-A-GAP Gel Material Code T630(G), T635 &T636