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Chomerics Premier PBT-225

Parker Chomerics released Premier PBT-225 in March of 2017. Since then, our team here at KRA Fab has found this new material to be a reliable choice that offers big improvements over previously available plastic housing products. Read on to learn more about PBT-225 and why we use it.

What is Chomerics Premier PBT-225?

This single-pellet electrically conductive plastic is polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)-based. PBT-225 conductive plastic pellets offer EMI shielding and are ideal for making metal to plastic housing conversions in electronics applications.

Why use Chomerics Premier PBT-225?

Chomerics PBT-225 was designed as a better alternative to the previously standard cube-blend conductive resin systems and metal-coated plastic housings.

Parker Chomerics estimates that, compared to aluminum, metal-to-plastic conversions reduce housing weight by 35% and cut costs by 65%. (They attribute the cost savings to cutting out secondary operations, including assembly and machining.)

One of the biggest benefits of PBT-225 is that it eliminates mixing to ensure a uniform material dispersion. This makes for a more uniform matrix of the conductive filler. Single-pellet plastics are also easier to control for more precision when working in electronic and mechanical applications.

Other helpful properties include hydrolysis resistance and long-term reliability, which make it a dependable choice for a variety of designs. 

It’s also consistent with Six Sigma standards for automotive industry tolerances.

Chomerics Premier PBT 225

Our team at KRA Fabrication can help you select the right materials for your design. We work with a wide range of high-quality products from a variety of suppliers and would be happy to talk more about which ones might be right for your project.