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New Non-Silicone Thermal Putty from K.R. Anderson


The next step in low-stress gap filling materials is here!

KT-TY-SFP-45 is the newest silicone-free technology from HT Materials allows for the previously impossible use of a low-stress gap filler in applications where silicone is not allowed.

Product Highlights

Non-Silicone Thermal Putty

Very low compression force allows for low board and component stress and superb interface wet out regardless of substrate height, flatness or roughness.

Non-Silicone Thermal Putty

Allows for the replacement of almost all form stable gap filler pads with just one material.

Non-Silicone Thermal Putty

Can be used in any sized pattern and across a wide range of thickness (down to less than 1 mil).

Non-Silicone Thermal Putty

KT-TY-SFP-45 flows at 90 grams/min allowing for fast throughput during installation. It is well suited for manual dispensing, shot size-controlled dispensing equipment and automated dispensing lines.

It comes fully cured. Material properties will not change over the life of the application. As a result, there is no need to pry or scrape when the interfaced surfaces are opened. The used material can be wiped away or even reformed into a new “kiss” and re-used.

Unlike traditional thermal greases KT-TY-SFP-45 will not “pump out.”  Its thixotropic properties allow it to stay in place regardless of thermal cycles, shock and vibration.

4.5 W/m-K thermal conductivity places this material in the higher end of all commercial thermal interface materials. This combined with the exceptional conformability and wet out of this material makes for a remarkably low impedance thermal solution.

KT-TY-SFP-45 is RoHS compliant, UL 94 V-0 rated and has zero outgassing.

Typical Applications:

  • Military and Aerospace Opto-Electronic Components and Systems
  • Optical Telecom Equipment and Devices
  • Automotive Electrical Vehicles

KT-TY-SFP-45 offers an excellent opportunity to reduce parts count, supply chain transactions and spend when you have KRA apply this material onto your housings or sinks for you! Ask us how we can help you save money and increase your product performance at the same time with this value added service.