Solutions to Common Packaging Problems

KraFAB’s first priority is supplying our customers with the best in manufacturing materials, as well as delivering them on time and undamaged. A poorly packaged order damaged on its way to our customer turns all that hard work and ingenuity into waste.

Customers expect good products on time and unscathed. This requires the proper packaging and items packaged in the correct order. When packaged and delivered well, our customers can lift products out in a way that makes their assembly process easier and more efficient.

The most common problems that occur when a product is in-transit can be mitigated through proper packaging. There are four key areas to decrease damage when wrapping, packaging, and shipping products.


The longer the distance a product is shipped, the greater the chance that it will be damaged. One way to have an advantage over the competition is locale, which has led to many fabricators opening satellite locations. Even if a product is expertly packaged and secured, a long commute will increase the risk of damage. Proximity lessens that chance.

Manufacturer-Controlled Shipping

Since replacing damaged parts can be extremely expensive, controlling the shipping can decrease overhead costs. The benefits far outweigh the cost of parts and time spent replacing and reshipping items.

A fabricator-owned truck can solve this problem. This gives a manufacturer more control over transportation and logistics, as well as the benefit of the delivery employees’ feedback on how to improve packaging.

Stretch Wrapping

When a product is not practical for boxing, properly applied stretch wrapping can make a load more secure than traditional methods. In today’s market, stretch wrapping not only unites loads, but it can also secure them to pallets.

A wrapping machine can also increase packaging speed, more firmly secure the load to the pallet, and ensure employee safety.

On-Site Box Fabrication

For items ordered only once or rarely, returnable, custom boxes aren’t necessary. Since low-volume work continues to increase in overall manufacturing in the U.S., however, this problem must be addressed.

The solution is on-site box fabrication. Z-fold cardboard unfolds and feeds into a box-making machine to create a custom box. Since boxes have little space for packaging peanuts or other fillers, more products can fit in less space on the truck.

Even if a route is short, the key to good packaging is managing the risk. Fabricators are solving packaging challenges with closer proximity to customers, controlled shipping, and new packaging technology.

KraFAB is dedicated to saving our customers money without sacrificing quality in production. For example, our company has installed FIP gasket solutions for customers across the globe in almost every industry imaginable. In order to deliver on that promise, we are dedicated to improving manufacturing packaging and delivery efficiency.

This continual search for the best ways to help our customers means gathering good information about a part, including how it’s unpacked and assembled. Considering these factors allows us to best serve customers in the packaging and delivery process.