THERM-A-GAP Gel 30 30cc Cartridge

THERM-A-GAP Gel 30 30cc Cartridge

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  • THERM-A-GAP Gel 30 is a pink, easily dispensable, fully cured, low thermal impedance, high track surface gel

  • Parker Chomerics fully cured dispensable GELs eliminate time-consuming hand assembly, decreasing installation costs and reducing customer manufacturing and purchasing (logistical) complexity. These products require no mixing or curing, providing superior design flexibility.

    • Provides low thermal impedance at thin and thick gaps, allowing use of common heat spreaders
    • Proven reliability of extreme temperature cycling and shock & vibration
    • Deflects easily under very low compressive forces, decreasing stress on components thus decreasing component failures.

    Typical Properties


    Test Method



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    Flow Rate, grams/min – 30cc syringe with no tip attachment 0.100” orifice, 90psi (621 kPa)


    Specific Gravity

    ASTM D792

    Percent Deflection @ Various Force Levels 

    Modified ASTM C165 Dispensed 1.0 cc of material Brought 1” x 1” probe down to 0.100” Test rate 0.025 in/min

    Typical minimum bondline thickness, in (mm)



    Thermal Conductivity, W/m-K (needs elaboration)

    ASTM D5470

    Heat Capacity, J/g-K

    ASTM E1269

    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, ppm/K

    ASTM E831

    Operating Temperature Range, °F (°C)


    Dielectric Strength, VAC / mil (KVAC/mm)

    ASTM D149

    Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm

    ASTM D257

    Dielectric Constant @100 kHz

    ASTM D150

    Dissipation Factor @ 100 kHz



    Flammability Rating

    UL 94

    RoHS Compliant

    Chomerics Certification

    Outgassing, % TML (CVCM)

    ASTM E595

    Shelf Life, months from date of manufacture



    • Easily dispensable
    • Fully-cured / No pump out
    • High bulk thermal conductivity
    • Low thermal impedance
    • Ultra low compression force
    • High tack surface & reworkable
    • Proven long-term reliability

    Typical Applications

    • Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
    • Power Supplies & Semiconductors
    • Memory & Power Modules
    • Microprocessors / Graphics Processors
    • Flat Panel Displays & Consumer Electronics

    Product Attributes

    GEL 8010

    • Thin bond line gel (approximately 2-10 mils)
    • Low thermal impedance gel
    • Stencil printable with no pump out
    • Ideal for high-volume dispensing
    • Proven long-term reliability

    GEL 30/GEL 30G

    • Accommodates a variety of bond line thicknesses for application to multiple devices
    • GEL 30/GEL 30G has been successfully used to fill a variety of different gap thicknesses. Please reference the GEL 30/GEL 30G Reliability test report for additional details and surface recommendations.
    • High Bulk Thermal Conductivity
    • Excellent performance-to-price
    • Compatible with high volume, automated dispense processes
    • Meets Telcordia (Bellcore) silicone specifications
    • “G” version has 0.010” glass beads as compression stops for electrical isolation

    Installation Guidelines

    Thermal gels are supplied in plastic syringes and aluminum cartridges. Apply pressure to the rear of the cartridge, simply dispense the desired amount onto components or cooling plates. The gel is reworkable and excess material can be easily wiped off. Since GEL 8010 gel is conformable, the gel can be stencil printed onto the plates. The thickness of the printed gel can be adjusted depending on the component type and size, but about 6mil thickness is recommended.

  • 6W




    5 = Standard Packaging


    THERM-A-GAP GEL 8010, GEL 30 & GEL30G

    GEL 30/GEL 30G

    0300 = 300cc Aluminum Cartridge (Caulking Style)

    9 = Custom Configuration



    GEL 8010 = 1 Gallon Pail (2800cc, 7.6Kg)*


    GEL 30 = 1 Gallon Pail (2800cc, 9Kg)*

    Custom Part Number

    THERM-A-GAP GEL Material Code GEL 8010 & GEL 30