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Industrial Defense Shielding, Adhesives and Gaskets KraFAB is the perfect partner for the defense industry market, with our focus on quality and security assurance programs.

Why KraFAB for the Defense Industry?

Quality and Security Assurance Programs

K.R. Anderson is driven by Quality. Our customers have K.R. Anderson at the top of their AVL for materials and converted parts specifically because of our quality record. Our mature process standardization, comprehensive training programs on procedures, and documentation, and in process inspection allow us to consistently maintain at 98%+ quality rating with all customers.

K.R. Anderson is also committed to Security. As a DDTC registered, NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliant fabrication supplier supporting U.S. defense and government programs, K.R. Anderson understands the unique demands of handling sensitive information. KR Anderson is preparing for CMMC certification.


K. R. Anderson, Inc. was established in 1968 as a sales and distribution organization supporting the Defense, Aerospace and high tech markets in the Silicon Valley. In 1987, K.R. Anderson, Inc. added custom fabrication of materials to its offerings. In 1997, Chomerics asked K. R. Anderson, Inc. to be one of a select group of four distributors globally to become Distributor/Fabricators.  The first addition was the facility, equipment, personnel and procedures to support Form in Place gaskets application for EMI Shielding.  Our first key customers were supplying devices for commercial and defense electronics. We rapidly expanded this value-add operation by adding equipment, people and procedures in a “Copy Exact” model to make our processes and procedures an extension of our supplier partners with Chomerics at the forefront.

Today we continue to work with our supplier partners to stay current with equipment, materials and procedures.  Additionally, Chomerics test service is a resource for KraFAB and our customers from design through final compliance testing as required by the applicable standards, both military and commercial.

Many of our key personnel have been with us for over twenty years and had extensive technical experience serving customers in the Defense Industry with key suppliers prior to joining KraFAB.

We have a clear understanding of the challenging requirements of the defense industry including critical reliability, harsh operating environments, documentation and traceability.


Key Customer Applications

Ground Vehicles

Ground vehicles such as tanks and militarized transport rely on EMI shielding to maintain and protect their infrastructure and devices inside. This includes engine components, weaponry, electronic devices and data. Due to their operation in volatile environments, EMI shielding is essential to protect the vehicle from harsh, threatening externalities.

Communication Devices

Like smartphones and tablets, man-portable communication devices used in defense system environments also require EMI shielding. If shielding is absent, the device is likely to suffer from interference, impacting the quality of communication and information transmission. Defense system technology must be equipped to function in volatile environments, and EMI shielding can provide protection from the elements for electronic communication devices. Thermal transfer and bonding and sealing are also application requirements that add to material and design challenges.

Stationary Shelters

On-land, stationary shelters are commonly used in defense systems for mission control hubs and data storage. In these settings, the entire structure must be protected from external factors, down to gaps in the entry and structure. EMI shielding in this setting not only protects the shelter and it’s surrounding equipment and infrastructure, but it can also provide true shelter to people from radiation in the environment.  


While avionic settings have operated with interference from the environment for decades, the presence of internal devices within avionic systems continues to grow, thereby requiring EMI shielding. These devices may include flight recorders, navigation units, flight-control systems, radios and more, each of which needs to comply with EMI shielding requirements.

Defense Industry

Our Value-Added Capabilities


Material and Construction guidance for the best installed cost and/or cost of ownership for parts and assemblies.


Kanban, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Consignment and other stocking programs


2/3D Bar-coding, Customized packaging solutions, right-sizing of curable materials (compounds, paints and coatings), kitting, part marking, subassemblies

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