Thermal Interface Materials

KraFAB offers a wide variety of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) that are used in electronic devices to assist in transferring heat away from components. The different designs for devices often required a variety of options to transfer heat.

Gap or air voids in the intended heat transfer pathway need to be filled with thermally conductive and compliant materials. The thickness can vary from a few thousandths of an inch to several hundredths of an inch.

Some of the thermal interface materials used to transfer heat from electronic devices includes:

  • Thermal tapes
  • Phase change materials
  • Gap pads
  • Thermal greases
  • Dielectric pads
  • Heat spreaders
  • Thermal compounds
  • Thermal Gel
thermal interface materials

The ideal TIMs have high thermal conductivity, are easily deformed by small contact pressure, have no leakage from the interface, no deterioration over time, are non-toxic and are easy to apply or remove.

KraFAB’s thermally conductive materials are used to reduce air gaps from electronic devices by conforming uneven rough mating surfaces. As electronic devices get smaller, conductive materials need to respond and work efficiently to ensure the devices are working at maximum capacity. KraFAB has a wide variety of materials that is well suited for your design.

Many electronic devices use fans and heat sinks to keep the temperatures cool, but thermal interface materials play a critical role in assisting with the displacement of heat.

KraFAB offers a wide variety of fabricated films, wet dispensed thermal materials and pad thermal interface materials to fit your application needs. Wet dispensed materials such as gel, adhesives and non-curing compounds can be used in practically any device configuration and do an excellent job in accommodating high tolerance between surfaces.

KraFAB’s thermal interface materials offer more power and light weight for electronic devices. With the continuing increase of power densities in electronic devices, the removal of heat is an issue designers have been facing for years.

Thermal interface materials offered by KraFAB provides the lowest thermal resistance.

It also fulfills the highest quality standards given for power modules to achieve the longest lifetime and maximum system reliability.

KraFAB offers materials from thermal compounds, heat spreaders, gap pads, wet dispensed thermal materials. Have questions about our thermal interface materials?

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