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Industrial Automotive Shielding, Adhesives and Gaskets We work together with your team’s designers and engineers to meet the rigorous demands of automotive manufacturing.

As the industry moves forward towards more and more electronic components in every part of the vehicle, trusted partners are more valuable than ever.

Why KraFAB for automotive projects?

For more than 30 years, we’ve supported our clients with expert advice, specialized tools, top-notch suppliers, and timely manufacturing.

When you talk to us, we listen. We want to understand your team’s needs — including budgets and time constraints — and make sure we deliver a product that not only fits your project constraints, but also your business needs.

Automotive Markets We Serve

Delicate electronic systems throughout vehicles call for expertise to prevent heat and electromagnetic interference from causing malfunctions or failures.

Engine Management and Powertrain

Proper EMI shielding protects these crucial engine management and powertrain systems that keep vehicles running smoothly.

Active safety

With accident prevention technology becoming ubiquitous (including adaptive cruise control, lane change warning, collision warning avoidance, and more), EMI and thermal shielding are more important than ever to keep vehicles safe.

Integrated Infotainment Systems

Navigation, communication, and entertainment systems are increasingly popular. We can help you calculate the type and amount of shielding required to prevent these systems from interfering with other components.

Our Diverse Automotive Product Offering

KraFAB has been a stocking distributor of Nitto tapes, adhesives and sealants for many years. View 11 Nitto industrial tapes created for the automotive industry or Nitto SPV Surface Protective Film Tapes are a Gamechanger for Automotive and Optoelectronics.

Materials for the Automotive Industry

These molded plastics are an automotive industry favorite for good reason. We can work with your designers and engineers to ensure the finished product is exactly what your project requires.

EMI shielding for automotive applications is essential for ensuring the electronic components within a vehicle work effectively and safely, so we use trusted, time-tested materials from Parker Chomerics. Our team will work with your engineers to find the right materials and design to prevent electromagnetic interference from ever becoming an issue.

Thermal interfacing helps prevent the heat generated by electronic parts from damaging delicate components or escaping to interfere with surrounding components. We use Parker Chomerics as our supplier for thermal interface materials.

Get an Automotive Quote

We’d be happy to talk with you about your project needs and give you an idea of the costs involved.