EMI Shielding

KRAFAB offers innovative EMI Shielding products to insure maintainability and high performance for aircraft, spacecraft, auImage-017-01tomotive vehicles, telecommunications, medical, industrial electronics and much more. KRAFAB is dedicated to providing you with the precise EMI Shielding material that is well suited for your design. We offer specialty products for EMI Shielding from Chomerics for a wide assortment of applications

Many factors need to be considered when deciding on which electromagnetic interference shielding product that should be used. From the mechanical requirements, compression deflection, compression set, electrical stability and the installed cost. The mechanical requirements need to be considered to ensure the design of the seal or enclosure will not fail. EMI Shielding material is constantly subjected to compressed pressure for an extended amount of time. The EMI Shielding material needs to deflect (decrease in height) to maintain a tight seal. With over 25 years of experience, KRAFAB will work with you and all those factors to find the proper electromagnetic interference shielding material for your design.

KRAFAB offers a variety of conductive elastomers and thermal management material from Chomerics such as Therm-A-GAP pads and gap fillers. We offer traditional CHO-Seal conductive elastomers for electronic applications and call sealing devices for application support and design assistance. We also supply VHB tapes die cut to your exact tolerances that will improve sealing and durability. Many of the EMI Shielding products that we supply are compliant with UL, roHs, WEEE, REACH, EoVL, TCO and EPA.

EMI Shielding gasket materials include silicone, fluorosilicone, ferrites and EPDM. KRAFAB can provide a variety of non-conductive and conductive form-in-place elastomers. several of the EMI Shielding materials are filled with copper, nickel, silver, graphite aluminum and may be made halogen-free, silicone-free and corrosion resistant. Many of these materials are customizable to fit the exact application you need. EMI Shielding offered from KRAFAB includes:EMI gaskets, shielded windows; shielded air ventilation panels; cable shielding products; grounding solutions; shielding laminates; tapes; conductive coatings, adhesives, sealants, grease and inks; conductive, injection molded plastics material; board level shielding coatings; and microwave absorber products

The EMI gasket options include: conductive elastomers, wire mesh, oriented wires in elastomer, woven wire mesh, expanded metal foil, compressed mesh, fingerstock, conductive fabric over foam, and combination EMI/environmental gaskets.

Conductive elastomer EMI gaskets include molded, extruded, co-molded or co-extruded with nonconductive elastomer, form-in-place, overmolded, reinforced, connector gaskets, or waveguide gaskets.

Cable shielding products include: conductive heat shrinkable tubing and connector boots; wire mesh; connector gaskets; I/O panel gaskets; ferrites; cable grommets; and foil and conductive fabric tapes.

KRAFAB can assist in providing electromagnetic interference shielding materials that can be fabricated to meet your design needs. We provide custom materials from EMI elastomers, conductive O-rings and much more to help improve the performance and reliability of your final product. Have questions about EMI Shielding? Contact KRAFAB and a highly skilled representative will work with you to answer any questions that you may have.