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Getter Materials

Getter Materials are based on the property of certain solids to collect gases by adsorption or occlusion. KraFAB supplies this specialized material as a full sheet or custom cut and package parts based on customer requirements.

We cut parts based on drawings provided by our customers.

Once we understand your needs, KraFAB will load material into our pick and placed equipment and cut to the exact measurements that are needed for your application. Alpha Advanced Materials offer a full line of getter materials that reduces failures and improves working time.

We source advanced getter materials from Alpha Advanced Materials including the innovative Staydry H2-3000 hydrogen and moisture getter.

This film product is designed to hermetically seal packages where Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based devices are affected by hydrogen and moisture. Staydry H2-3000 is supplied as a flexible film only and can be custom cut by KraFAB based on your requirements.

The material has an irreversible hydrogen reaction and is highly permeable to both hydrogen and moisture. Operating temperature is -55 to 150 degrees Celsius with a density of ≥1.3 g/cc.

Alpha H2-3000 is a black film that possesses high moisture and hydrogen gettering capacity while being thermally stable up to 200 degrees Celsius. Being a film, this product is capable of being molded, stamped or cut by KraFAB.

There are no problematic or hazardous side effects once the absorbed gasses are trapped from harming the device. H2-3000 is available in a variety of thickness which includes 8mil, 10mil, and 20mil in standard 8” x 10” sheets.

Alpha H2-3000 has a moisture capacity >5% of the products weight and it will maintain hydrogen levels at <1ppm. This product is designed to cover a wide range of mechanical properties and application techniques.

Dielectric constant is 3.76 and dielectric breakdown is 1350. Getter activation will occur in 16 hours at 150 degrees in a vacuum oven. Shelf life is 12 months and the CTE: 440 µm/m °C.

KraFAB is highly experienced with working with getter materials.