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Industrial Medical Shielding, Adhesives and Gaskets Providing precision medical device components and assembly

We work closely with your team to deliver EMI shielding, thermal solutions, and environmental shielding to fit the rigorous demands of the medical industry. From AEDs (automated external defibrillators) to remote monitoring medical devices and more, KraFAB has the expertise to deliver your project on time, within budget, and done right.

Why KraFAB for Medical Device Manufacturing?

KraFAB’s team combines 30+ years of experience with the right equipment, products, and personalized services. Our team listens carefully to your project’s needs and constraints to ensure the end result fits your needs.

Our rapid prototyping capabilities and high-volume production capacities allow us to deliver high-quality work with efficiency.

Converting and Fabrication for the Medical Device Industry

KraFAB offers a targeted range of services within the medical manufacturing space.

Thermal Solutions

Our high-quality thermal interface materials, sourced from Parker Chomerics, protect delicate electronic components from absorbing or transferring excess heat. Filling the air gaps on these interfaces helps reduce heat transfer. This step is crucial for ensuring devices run safely and avoid failures. 

Our thermal solutions include:

  • Thermally conductive gap filler pads for large areas with gap variance
  • Heat spreaders for energy transfer
  • Thermal tapes for ease of application

EMI Shielding

As devices become more and more complex, with many electronic components, proper shielding from electromagnetic interference helps ensure that crucial components do not fail or malfunction over time. EMI shielding protects components from transmitting or absorbing unintended interference.

Our EMI shielding offerings include:

  • Form-in-place gaskets for flanges, displays, and more
  • Electronically conductive plastic housings to reduce weight, cost, and resistance to hydrolysis
  • Conductive elastomer gaskets to avoid compression
  • Fabric-over-foam gaskets with low closure force

Environmental Sealing

Picking the right environmental seal is important for ensuring the long-lasting performance that’s crucial for medical equipment. Elastomer gaskets offer reliability for the life of the product, acting as both an environmental seal and an EMI shield. We’re also experts in space-saving form-in-place gaskets; our instruments can apply gaskets to spaces as narrow as .030 inches, or 0.76 mm. This precision leaves room for other components or helps reduce the overall footprint of the device.

Our environmental shielding solutions include:

  • FIP (form-in-place) gaskets for precise, accurate application
  • Elastomer gaskets to shield from moisture and more

Let’s talk about your project.

We pride ourselves on really listening to our clients in order to deliver top-notch results. Get in touch for a quote.