Die Cutting

KRAFAB offers expert knowledge and years of experience in custom die cutting. Utilizing multiple technologies, we are capable of custom cutting shapes to meet the exact specifications of your design. Our Die Cutting services range from rotary die, kiss-cut and through cut of individual pieces.

Our die cutters have been manufactured to convert custom cut pieces with exact precision. KRAFAB has die-cutting capabilities for a wide range of materials that can be cut into any dimension or shape based off the customers’ needs.

Some of the innovative materials available include thermal interface materials, tape, silicone rubber, gaskets, EMI Shielding, films, foils and foams. We use only the highest quality and materials manufactured by our premier suppliers.

We will take your initial design from a drawing to product in no time at all. KRAFAB strives to offer cost effect solutions for all of your needs.

Die Cutting

Some benefits of our die-cutting capabilities include:

  • Higher consistency and tolerance
  • Wide range of materials can be used
  • Cutting will be precise regardless of materials size or consistencies
  • Fast turnaround

KRAFAB will convert your products or we will supply high-quality materials to your precise specifications. Our die cuts can be produced from spec sheets hand sketch or CAD data.

We offer fast turnaround because we know time is crucial for your business. We also offer prototypes and samples to ensure your final product is exactly what you want. What you want and when you need it is our priority.

KRAFAB has an ISO 9001:2008 certification, which is set by industry standards and the government. 

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