Film Adhesives

Film adhesives sourced and stocked from KraFAB are thermoset or thermoplastic polymers that are processed to a film format. Most of these film adhesives incorporate a supporting carrier and may include fillers to give added properties such as reduced weight, electrical conductivity, adhesive bond line control and structural integrity.

These materials come in many different types including epoxy, nitrile phenolic, copolyester, polyurethane, polyacrylate and phenoxy chemistries.

The markets the film adhesives KraFAB offers include, Automotive Electronics, LED Lighting, Medical Electronics, and Aerospace applications.

KraFAB offers film adhesive and a variety of film backing substrates.

Film Adhesives

We can also customize cut these films using die cutting and cut to length to meet the exact specification of your application. The innovative adhesive films are supplied to KraFAB by Henkel and Bostik.

These films will meet and exceed your requirements because they are available in various thicknesses, lap shear strengths and tensile strengths, thermal conductivity and cure time cycle.

Henkel Film Adhesives include:

  • Electrically Conductive Film Adhesive
  • Electrically Insulating Film Adhesive
  • Thermally Conductive Film Adhesive
  • Non-Conductive Film Adhesive.

The film supplied by Henkel is focused primarily on electronic devices in the aerospace, medical, consumer and automotive industries. Henkel’s varied selection of adhesive films and sealant solutions includes innovative material technologies that are well suited to address today’s most demanding applications. KraFAB supplies some of the best materials available as well as well having the ability to customize the film to meet the exact requirements of your application. For more information on Henkel Film Adhesives, contact and experienced KraFAB representative

KraFAB also carries Bostik Film Adhesives that are used in a variety of interior aerospace applications. These adhesives are manufactured using a broad range of materials. They are prepared by solvent or thermal casting utilizing a variety of chemistries. Temperature control allows Bostik to tailor the properties of the finished film adhesive. Their dried film adhesive thickness ranges from 1.5 mils to 10 mils. KraFAB is capable of providing you with a specialized material and tailoring it to meet your applications demands.

Innovative Film Adhesives offered by KraFAB will be customized for your applications. We specialize in providing a wide range of film adhesives and cutting them with a variety of cutting services we offer. Our highly skilled professionals will work with you and your design to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the final product. 

Interested in customizing your film adhesives?