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Resin Designs

Resin Designs

Resin Designs Products

Resin Designs products are developed for customers seeking innovation in their new products and processes.  Products are made in the United States and are distributed globally. The company develops and manufactures custom adhesives and fabricated silicones for various industries including aerospace, automotive and communication fields.

As an advanced adhesives and sealants manufacturer, quality products are produced for applications such as semiconductor packaging and devices, EMI shielding, enclosures, smart cards and hybrid microelectronics assemblies.

Our dedicated Resin Designs team works diligently to generate custom designs to fit our clients’ needs.

Some of the materials manufactured by Resin Designs include:

Thermal Interface Materials

  • Thermal interface materials are mostly thermally conductive, ceramic-filled systems with organic or silicone binders added to make them ideal for dispensing and processing.  

GelTek Silicones

  • Thermal Gap Pads integrate thermally conductive ceramic particles into compressible cured silicone.  They enable heat transfer efficiency and are easily applied to any surface. Thermal Gap Pads are used in many electronic applications.
Resin Designs
Resin Designs
  • Conductive Gaskets combine the conductivity of metal wire mesh sheets or ropes with the sealing properties of cured silicones.  Our conductive gaskets provide the long-term, reliable protection that is important in today’s delicate and demanding electronic applications.  The gaskets provide either EMI shielding or grounding along with sealing in a single product. They are used primarily in the defense and aerospace industries for shielding and grounding applications.
  • Sealing Strips and Grommets are self-healing cured silicones that seal like high-performance potting compounds.  As an added benefit, they are applied as a simple tape. The material is cold-applied like conventional tapes, yet has unparalleled sealing capacities, as well as re-entrance capabilities.  Sealing strips and grommets are best used for sealing electrical connectors in the automotive and aerospace industries.
    • Resign Designs GT-1700 Sealing Strips
      • Meets the requirements of BMS8-397 specification
      • Specified at Boeing and Airbus for cabin floor tile sealing
      • Can be custom slit or die cut into customer required shapes and forms.

As an advanced adhesives and sealants manufacturer, Resin Designs produces quality products for applications and assemblies. Our innovative company offers a wide variety of materials to meet all your applications and sealing needs.