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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams

Saint-Gobain Performance PlasticsĀ has been offering cost-effective, practical resolutions for nearly 50 years for sealing, bonding, thermal management products as well as acoustical and vibration dampening products.

They are experts in offering solutions in a wide variety of industries including automotive, construction, aerospace, energy and electronic markets.

The high-performance products offered by Saint-Gobain include:

Electronic devices are decreasing in size and the heat buildup is increasing. Most design needs thermal management materials to efficiently remove excess heat to allow the device to optimally run. Saint-Gobain offers a cost effective solution that removes heat buildup with their thermal management brand, ThermaCool. Many of these products include gap fillers, adhesive tapes and thermally conductive fabrics. The advanced products have been designed to provide solutions to difficult thermal management applications. They have been specifically designed to allow your components to perform at the upper limits for a longer period of time.

Gasketing materials offered by Saint-Gobain range from foams, polyurethane materials, Norprene foam, PVC foam as well as sealing tapes. The adhesive-coated foam tapes are a compressible sealant that are well suited to work under extreme pressures. This material is designed to prevent intrusion air, gases and liquids. Saint-Gobain gasketing materials will absorb impact energy, dampen shock and disperse unwanted motion. Saint-Gobain is dedicated to provide their customers with some the most innovative materials available.

Sound proofing and bonding tapes are also state-of-the-art products that Saint-Gobain manufactures. Sound proofing materials include tapes, compounds, sealants and clips that help and ultimately eliminate sounds transmission. Not only do these materials eliminate sound, but they also offer excellent thermal break and thermal insulating. The bonding tapes produced by Saint-Gobain are foam with high performing pressure-sensitive adhesives on both sides. This attachment system is an excellent alternative to mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives.

Saint-Gobain has set industry standards with all of the cutting-edge materials that they offer. Research and development play a huge role in their success of manufacturing innovative materials. With more than 4,000 employees in 16 different counties in North America, Europe and Asia, Saint-Gobain has the knowledge and years of experience to offer superior products and outstanding customer service. For more information in regards to Saint-Gobain and their products, visit Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams website.