Fabricated Materials

Custom fabricated materials and parts are designed to be used in a variety of applications including automobiles, cell phones, medical devices, graphics, LEDs and much more. KraFAB provides solutions through fabrication using the highest quality materials with competitive pricing and superior service. Our state-of-the-art equipment and tooling capabilities allow us to process most parts as well as having technically trained, highly experienced representatives.

With a wide variety of gasketing materials, IC packages and EMI Shielding , KraFAB supplies custom materials that have the capabilities beyond the standard EMI shielding and gasketing. Our custom fabricated materials are developed specifically to meet the demands in a variety of industries.

The materials developed by Chomerics consist of CHO-SEAL, CHO-FORM, SOFT SHIELD, SPRING LINE, CHO-FOIL and POLASHEET/POLASTRIP. We are always supplying creative solutions for all of your gasketing, IC packages and EMI Shielding needs.

KraFAB also offers advanced thermal interface materials provided by Chomerics. Many designers have an issue of degraded components and system performance when heat is involved. The thermal interface materials offer superior heat spreading and conductivity eliminating air gaps improving thermal transfer. Some of the advanced thermal materials available include CHO-THERM, THERMATTACH, THERMFLOW, THERM-A-GAP AND T-WING. KraFAB supplies all the right materials when it comes to keeping components safe from degrading from heat allowing optimum system performance.

Fabricated Materials

Tapes, films, foils and foams are also a wide assortment of custom materials that KraFAB supplies. These electrical grade, pressure-sensitive adhesive/tapes have been developed by Permacel to hold, protect, reinforce and insulate magnetic wire in electrical and electronic components, devices and equipment.

The types of tapes, films and adhesives available range from rubber, non-thermosetting, semi-cured, acrylic, thermoplastic, oil resistant, silicone and flame retardant acrylic. The correct choice of tape backing or adhesive is extremely important to assure minimal corrosive destruction on specified designs. All of the custom films, foils and foams are available in die cutting, slitting and laminating to suite any application. Some of our many custom fabricated materials that we carry include:

  • Films
  • Foils
  • Plastics
  • Foams
  • Hook and Loop
  • Rubber Elastomers
  • Tapes/Adhesives (single or double coated)
  • Thermally conductive silicone, putty, grease, and polyimide

With over 25 years of experience and knowledge of custom fabricated materials, KraFAB has the experience, a highly trained staff, and premium service to consistently provide the right product that meets all regulatory requirements. We also have the capability to provide samples of our products.

KraFAB also provides many fabrication services including die cutting, custom splicing, light assembly, slitting, and form-in-place gaskets. We provide products that perform and services that deliver.

If additional information is required on our custom fabricated materials or services available, please contact KraFAB to speak to a technical representative that will answer any questions that you may have.