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Industrial Electronic Shielding, Adhesives and Gaskets Electrical and electronic equipment manufactured for industrial applications must meet design and performance requirements in demanding operating environments.

Why KraFAB for the Industrial Electronics?

 A variety of components from sensors, timers, relays and switches to power devices, integrated circuits and RF circuits must perform as designed while not interfering with other electrical or electronics devices. Contact KraFAB to choose the best material options and get them supplied in the form you need to meet both your design and manufacturing processes.

EN 61000-6 is an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard developed to keep interference between electronic devices under control to reduce disturbance and improve immunity in residential, industrial, and commercial environments.

These requirements lead to the need for Electromagnetic (EMI) Shielding.

Additionally, industrial electronics typically have an increased need for Thermal Interface materials and  Films, Foils and Foams.

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