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Founded in 1918, Nitto is a worldwide pioneer in manufacturing electrical insulation. They have expanded and grown into a leading manufacture in energy materials, environmental solutions, optronics, industrial tapes and life science markets.

Electrical insulating materials are fundamental to electrical equipment and the power generation. Nitto made its first appearance in America in 1969 and has been developing a broad variety of materials including: films, PET products, electrical tape, and many products are used as insulation in power generation applications. These materials meet the stringent requirements and demands of the electronic industries.

Nitto offers a wide selection of materials that are well suited for semiconductors and electronic devices. They also offer optical device sealing materials and HDD peripheral materials. With years of experience and their research and development program, Nitto is focused on supplying the world with feature-rich material that is well suited for your design. Some of the tapes manufactured include:

Nitto takes pride in offering state-of-the-art solutions for electrical components as well as being conscious of the environment. These products are manufactured to effectively conserve environmental resources and to reduce environmental impact. Nitto Aims to contribute to customers’ value creations with innovative ideas while keeping the impact on the environment minimal. From superior products and services, Nitto is focused on helping the customer with their designs.

Nitto manufactures a wide assortment of gasket sealing foams and tapes. From sulfur-free sealing foams to ultra-thin high recovery gasket foams, they have manufactured advance products to meet the required specifications of many electronic devices. These materials will provide superior protection from weathering, chemical resistance, and heat resistance while providing excellent durability. Some of the markets Nitto caters to includes medical, electronics, transportation, consumer products and much more.