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Founded in 1918, Nitto is a worldwide pioneer in manufacturing electrical insulation. They have expanded and grown into a leading manufacture in energy materials, environmental solutions, optronics, industrial tapes and life science markets.

Electrical insulating materials are fundamental to electrical equipment and the power generation. Nitto made its first appearance in America in 1969 and has been developing a broad variety of materials including: films, PET products, electrical tape, and many products are used as insulation in power generation applications. These materials meet the stringent requirements and demands of the electronic industries.

Nitto offers a wide selection of materials that are well suited for semiconductors and electronic devices. They also offer optical device sealing materials and HDD peripheral materials. With years of experience and their research and development program, Nitto is focused on supplying the world with feature-rich material that is well suited for your design.

Nitto takes pride in offering state-of-the-art solutions for electrical components as well as being conscious of the environment. These products are manufactured to effectively conserve environmental resources and to reduce environmental impact. Nitto Aims to contribute to customers’ value creations with innovative ideas while keeping the impact on the environment minimal. From superior products and services, Nitto is focused on helping the customer with their designs.

Nitto manufactures a wide assortment of gasket sealing foams and tapes. From sulfur-free sealing foams to ultra-thin high recovery gasket foams, they have manufactured advance products to meet the required specifications of many electronic devices. These materials will provide superior protection from weathering, chemical resistance, and heat resistance while providing excellent durability. Some of the markets Nitto caters to includes medical, electronics, transportation, consumer products and much more.

Nitto Product Index

Nitto Tapes include:

Transformer Tapes

Wire Harness Tapes

Generator Tapes

Electric Motor Tapes

Coil Tapes

Thermally Conductive Tapes

Nitto Double Coated Cohesive Tape TR-5325F

  • Nitto Denko thermal conductive adhesive tape TR-5325F offers superior thermal conductive property by using the thermal conductive adhesive layer.
  • TR-5325F acquires flammability UL94 V-0 certification.
  • TR-5325F offers excellent workability and processability by adopting the polyester film as base material. The tape can be used various area such as electronics.

Nitto Double Coated Adhesive Tape TR-5912F

  • Nitto double-coated adhesive tape TR-5912F is one of the high-quality products we work with here at K. R. Anderson. We have extensive experience working with a select group of trusted suppliers of high-quality products, and we’re happy to use our experience to help you select the best materials for your project.

Surface Protecting SPV Film Tapes

Nitto SPV-224PR-MJ Light Blue 

SPV-224PR-MJ is a PVC base surface protective tape that complies with RoHS2 regulations. This product can be used outside due to their special pressure sensitive adhesive.

  • Special acrylic adhesive allows outdoor use with a PVC film carrier

  • Surface protection for stainless steel plates, aluminum plates and name plates during processing. 

  • Storage of glass, aluminum 

Nitto SPV-224R/214R

SPV-224R/214R are surface protective materials using soft PVC film for metal plates protection. These products can be used outside due to their special pressure sensitive adhesive.

  • Surface protection for stainless steel plates, aluminum plates and name plates during processing.
  • Storage of glass, aluminum sashes, etc.

Nitto SPVM 6020

SPV-M-6020/M-6030 use water-based adhesives for surface protection of metal plates. These are environment friendly products as organic solvents are not used in the manufacturing of these tapes.

  • Constructed with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and a  polyethylene film carrier.
  • Environment-friendly due to no organic solvents being used during the manufacturing stage
  • Easy peel, workability
  • Easy laminating at low temperature
  • Suitable for light processing.

Nitto SPV367K & SPV-P-366K

Developed using Nitto Denko’s multilayer film extrusion technology, they offer stable surface protection for cutting, punching, in-process transport and shipment for substrates such as acrylic plates, polycarbonate plates and LCD polarizing films.

  • Ethylene/polyvinyl acetate pressure sensitive adhesive  with a polyethylene film carrier.
  • Unlike traditional adhesive coated tapes, this adhesive does not contaminate substrates due to the co-extrusion methods of thermoplastic materials
  • Superior transparency enables visual inspection of the surface condition of the substrate without removing the tape
  • Low adhesion makes SPV-P-367K & SPV-P-366K suitable for smooth surface
  • Surface protection for plastic materials such as acrylic plates and polycarbonate plates

Nitto SPV-3648FK2 

SPV-3648FK2 is a surface protective material with a polyolefin film carrier. It has excellent weatherability and keeps the color and gloss of the coating evenly. It is suitable for painted steel plates for building materials.

Nitto RB-100S E-MASK™ Series

The excellent qualities of these films have gained these products an outstanding reputation in leading-edge manufacturing facilities in the electronics and optical sectors. These products are used for many purposes, including for masking in the etching processes of electronics material manufacturing, and for protecting LCD components.

  • E-MASK RB-S Series of surface protective materials developed for optical films such as LCD polarizing. This film prevents the production of static electricity. They offer stable adhesion and easy peeling.


Nitto FIBERGUARD™ 509H10P is a surface protection tape that protects metal surfaces during Fiber and CO₂ laser cutting processes, especially for high speed and performance laser cutting machines.

  • This product consists of printed PE film, combined with natural rubber adhesive which is improved for Fiber and CO₂ laser cutting processes.

Automotive Tapes

Nitto VR-5311 / VR-5321

Double Sided Tapes That Sticks Well to Rubber 

  • Ideal for bonding vulcanized rubber such as chloroprene or ethylene-propylene terpolymer to metal or plastic. Eliminates the need for applying primer to the rubber surface. VR-5311 special adhesive for rubber features superior cohesion and initial adhesion.

Nitto Denko VR-5311 and VR-5321 are double-coated adhesive tapes for rubber fixing. Both products consist combination of rubber adhesive on one side and acrylic adhesive on the other side with polyester carrier. Ideal for bonding rubber with metal or plastic.

Nitto TEMISH™Vent Filter

  • Film with microscopic holes prevents water and dust from penetrating modules. Is an internal pressure adjusting material. A porous film made of fluorine resin, offering ventilation, water-resistance, water repellent, and weather resistant properties. Is the perfect tape for the pressure sensitive adhesives market.

Nitto 6800 Series

  • Foam sealing material with closed cell structure offers flexibility and elasticity as well as weather resistance and watertightness. 6800 Series are high-function foam sealing materials consisting of EPDM rubber foam with a closed cell structure offering the best durability and weather resistance of all general purpose rubber. 6800 Series include tape materials coated with butyl adhesive and synthetic resin adhesive. You can select the type that best meets your needs.


  • A black expanded semi-closed cell EPDM synthetic rubber mixture designed for a variety of high performance gasketing and insulation applications.


  • Realizes high water sealing performance while maintaining all the basic functions of NITTO EPTSEALER, the high-function sealing material that protects automobile interiors from rain, wind, heat and impact. SEAL-SAVER is a high-function waterproof sealing material that is easy to work with and is able to provide a watertight seal with minimal pressure.

Nitto HYPERJOINT™ H7000, H8000, H9000 Series

  • H7000/H8000/ H9000 Series Acrylic Foam Base Strong Adhesive Double Sided Tape. HYPERJOINT™ products use extremely flexible, highly durable acrylic foam for a multi-functional double sided tape, offering strong adhesion, high durability, and excellent heat-resistance.  Excellent adhesive for cars designed for attaching external car parts. Strong acrylic foam adhesive double coated tape.

Nitto 151UL

  • UL certified flame-retardant adhesive tape. It is used for insulating electrical and electronic devices, insulating/protecting/bundling wire harnesses

Nitto EH-2200 Sulfur-free NITTO EPTSEALER

  • This sealing material uses EPDM for excellent heat, weather, and chemical resistant properties. This is a shaped sealing material made of EPDM rubber foamed into a semi-closed cell structure. It is a clean foam that contains no sulfur which is commonly used in rubber vulcanization and could corrode metals. It can be used for various purposes such as shock absorbing, sound proofing, dust proofing, and heat insulation depending on its compression rate.

Nitto 320A

  • PPS Based Adhesive Tape for Heat-resistant Insulation. Equipped with PPS(Polyphenylene sulfide) film backing with superior heat resistance, the tape is used for insulating the electrodes of lithium ion secondary batteries and fixing the element of aluminum electrolytic chip capacitors that require heat resistance.

Nitto 370 Series

  • The No.370 Series uses a PP (polypropylene) film as a backing which is excellent in solvent resistance. The tape is ideal for fixing elements of aluminum electrolytic capacitor and lithium ion secondary batteries.

Nitto 223S

  •  Vinyl Tape for Electric Insulation- Nitto 223S vinyl adhesive tape is a flame-retardant insulation tape that meets standards of the American UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and the Canadian CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and enhances the safety of electronic equipment and products.