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Industrial Measurement Shielding, Adhesives and Gaskets KraFAB provides essential tools to develop, manufacture, install and maintain electronic testing and measuring equipment.

Electronic test and measurement equipment includes multimeters, oscilloscopes, and more specialized test equipment like spectrum and network analyzers. The demands on these critical pieces of equipment require accurate performance often at high frequencies and power densities. As an example, Network Analyzers operating frequencies can range from 1 hertz to over 1 terahertz. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding and Thermal Management materials are often required to allow these devices to perform as designed.

EMI Gaskets

Form-in-place gaskets save space and allow for a high level of precision. (In fact, our instruments can apply gaskets to spaces as narrow as .030 inches, or 0.76 mm, leaving more room for other components.)

Thermal Interface Materials

We can help you determine the best choice so you get peak performance out of your electronics for the long term. Use our wide, distinct offering of thermal interface materials to maintain surface integrity and decrease temperature inconsistencies:

  • Gap filler pads and gels
  • Dielectric pads
  • Curable compounds
  • PSA tapes
  • Greases
  • Phase change materials

EMI Shielding

EMI shielding is of crucial importance within all modern electronics manufacturing. Electromagnetic interference can have disastrous effects, stop components from communicating with each other, and even cause equipment failure. Our EMI shielding techniques help ensure that interference and radiation from both external and internal sources does not cause problems. Weight limits are another careful consideration for EMI shielding. We’ve had great success helping our clients find weight savings with regards to EMI shielding specifically.

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