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Our selected Suppliers

KraFAB depends on only the best suppliers in order to meet customer requirements for bulk and converted manufacturing materials all over the globe. Custom fabricated materials and parts are expertly designed to be used in a variety of applications. We partner with leading companies in the industry to
provide fabrication solutions using the highest quality materials with competitive pricing and superior service.

Working with the finest providers allows us to provide superior customer service, quick quote response time, and rapid turn of prototype and production parts of exceptional quality. We provide solutions through superior materials and custom fabrication. By working with the best manufacturers in the engineered materials industry, we produce the highest value product. Our core suppliers are unmatched in their product offerings.


Chomerics is a driving force in developing cutting-edge conductive elastomer technology.  With fabrication and stocking locations on five continents, products are available to the customer with minimal turnaround time.  Chomerics strives to be pioneers in providing the best materials to meet any application need.

Chomerics has state-of-the-art EMI testing facilities that allow them to have constant exposure to real-world situations.  They also provide a wide range of thermal interface materials that work in thousands of applications including aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, computers, industrial electronics and fire control systems. Chomerics is prepared to partner with you as you enter the future of elastomer technology.

Learn more about Chomerics here.


Nitto is a worldwide driving force in the manufacturing of electrical insulation. They have expanded and grown into a leading company in energy materials, environmental solutions, optronics, industrial tapes and life science markets.  Nitto offers an extensive selection of materials that are well suited for semiconductors and electronic devices.

Nitto creates a broad variety of materials including films, PET products, electrical tape, and products used as insulation in power generation applications.  These materials meet the stringent requirements and demands of the electronic industries. Nitto takes pride in offering high-tech solutions for electrical components while being conscientious of the environment.

Learn more about Nitto here.


Resin Designs develops and manufactures custom adhesives and fabricated silicones for various industries.  Made in the United States and distributed globally, Resin Designs products are ideal for aerospace, automotive & communication fields.  They are designed for customers seeking innovation in their new products and processes.

As an advanced adhesives and sealants manufacturer, Resin Designs produces quality products for applications such as semiconductor packaging and devices, EMI shielding, enclosures, smart cards and hybrid microelectronics assemblies. Our dedicated team works diligently to generate custom designs to fit our clients’ needs.  Contact us today so we can take your business to the next level in the industry.

Learn more about Resin Designs here.


Alpha Advanced has been an industry leader in developing materials used in the electronics field.  They are the leading supplier of high performing and state-of-the-art products designed specifically for the semiconductor packaging industry.

Alpha offers an advanced and wide selection of materials and application methods that will compliment your design.  They produce BGA flux, flip chip flux, solder spheres, getter materials, moisture barrier seals, no-flow underfills, and conductive adhesives. Alpha Advanced Materials is the best in the business when it comes to designing products for electronic devices.  With locations all of the world, Alpha Advanced is well suited to supply the product that best fits your application.

Learn more about Alpha Advanced here.


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics utilizes the latest findings in research and development to offer cost-effective and practical resolutions in production. They are experts in sealing, bonding, thermal management, and acoustical and vibration dampening products.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics employs more than 4,000 team members in 16 different countries.  They create soundproofing materials, gasketing materials, bonding tapes and thermal interface materials.  Saint-Gobain has the technical knowledge and years of expertise to offer superior products and outstanding customer service.

Learn more about Saint-Gobain here.