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Form-In-Place Gaskets

Our form-in-place gasket service offers fast, high volume solutions to EMI shielding. This process automatically dispenses electrically conductive gaskets with precision on the contours of most any substrate. With KraFAB’s FIP gaskets, lead time processes will be extremely fast, a wide variety of materials can be used and there is minimal waste due to the precision of our dispensing equipment.

Die Cutting

KraFAB offers extensive die-cutting services. From kiss-cut, rotary die, and through cut individual pieces. Just match the right material with the right process and you have KraFAB as a partner for all your converting needs.

Laser Cut

We have the capability to custom laser cut based on your applications needs. Utilizing laser routing, laser skiving and laser depaneling, KraFAB is capable of high cutting edge precision and position accuracy (+/- .0005). We provide a quality cut with quick turnaround times.


KraFAB offers a wide range of laminating options that is well suited for a variety of substrates. Our machines are capable of single or multi-layer laminating as we as applying film adhesives pretty much any substrate. The laminating service we provide is designed to combine two similar or dissimilar products, strengthen them and increase thickness for unique performances.


KraFAB offers custom slitting to covert tapes, films foils, foams and more in the the precise widths specified by the customer. Our slitting service offer high quality rolls, use of more material with less waste and fast turnaround.

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