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Industrial Telecommunication Shielding, Adhesives and Gaskets Custom solutions from KraFAB to fit your project needs

Our expertise in the telecommunications industry allows us to deliver the right materials and fabrication for the complexity of today’s telecommunication projects. Our team works hand-in-hand with your engineers to ensure the final product is on time, on budget, and built to last.

Why KraFAB for telecommunication projects

We combine years of experience with cutting-edge expertise in new technologies. Our in-house experts can help diagnose the right solutions, tools, and products to fit the needs of your project.

Thermal management for 5G devices and antennas

The movement towards more and more connectivity demands faster, more reliable access to cellular networks. The speed of technologies such as active antennas and connectivity 5G networks are making them a popular choice for new telecom projects.

The downside? All that power and speed produces a much higher amount of heat than previous technologies. The heat generated by these smaller, more powerful devices demands new solutions to prevent excess heat from damaging other components and shortening the life of the product. As the industry moves to embrace faster technologies, thermal management is becoming a more pressing need than ever.

We use high-quality thermal interface materials from Parker Chromerics to fill in the air gaps between surfaces. Their line of products includes several geared specifically for the rigorous demands of 5G-enabled telecom infrastructure.

Our experts will help you weigh decisions such as thermal pads vs. thermal paste, how much thermally conductive material is required, and which TIM will best suit the end product.

EMI shielding for 5G

Because 5G devices typically use more cells than 4G and lower counterparts (in order to make up for their higher frequencies, which can’t travel as far), they have more potential for electromagnetic interference.

Properly shielding against EMI helps ensure that the technology functions properly over the lifetime of the device, all without causing problems in other components or in separate devices.

This is especially important when telecom components are part of technology such as autonomous vehicles (or self-driving cars). Newer, stricter safety standards are emerging in order to ensure that telecom and media components within vehicles don’t interfere with self-driving technology (or vice-versa). Manufacturers need to ensure their products meet these strict RF emissions standards, and working with a fabrication company that has expertise in that area is invaluable in navigating those changes.


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