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Why Work with K. R. Anderson

Do you struggle with on time delivery? High minimums? Delayed responses to inquiries and quotations?

If yes, have you tried working with an Authorized Distributor and Converter? Have you tried working with KraFAB? Because they are smaller and specialized, Authorized Distributors and Converters are nimble and can be more dynamic than the manufacturers they support.

Authorized Distributors/Converters offer the same products but faster in addition to offering quicker responses to quotations and inquiries, lower order minimums, more flexibility in scheduling and design, and better service. An authorized Distributor/Converter is often the best option to meet the needs of customers and manufacturers. KraFAB has been chosen by the best manufacturers of engineered materials in the world to provide fabrication solutions using the highest quality materials while offering superior service and quality.

KraFAB is a proud authorized Distributor/Converter for the best manufactures in the world including:
  • Parker Chomerics
  • Nitto Denko
  • Resin Designs
  • MacDermid Alpha
  • Saint Gobaim

Why work with KraFAB instead of directly with the material manufacturer?

KraFAB exists to meet the challenges faced by customers and suppliers. We are here to help customers and suppliers meet their performance objectives by providing technical knowledge, financial strength, quality management, customer service and decades of success.  We know our suppliers and the industries we serve. The following are the eight most important reasons you should work with KraFAB.

8 Reasons you should work with KraFAB

1. Responsiveness

2. Flexibility in terms and conditions

3. Flexibility in stocking

4. Flexibility in delivery schedule

5. Flexibility in order quantities

6. Flexible and dynamic manufacturing process operating under quality system

7. Expertise with a stable workforce

8. Ability to rapidly add equipment and people to meet customer needs

Features and Benefits of KraFAB as an Authorized Technical Distributor/Converter

Customers have choices of which material solutions they choose and where they buy them. The manufacturer specializes is making the best engineered materials available. KraFAB specializes in meeting your unique specifications and demands.

Why work with an Authorized Technical Distributor/Converter?

Because they are smaller and specialized, Authorized Distributors and Converters are nimble and dynamic. Authorized Distributors/Converters offer the same product as the manufacturer but can offer with a shorter lead time, lower order minimums, more flexibility in scheduling and design, and superior customer service.

If the product you are buying is not from an authorized Technical Distributor or the manufacturer, does the manufacture warranty apply?

Authorized Technical Distributor

  • Contractually authorized by the supplier to purchase and properly manage materials to ensure
    shelf life, specifications, certifications, and warranty transfer to the customer as if the product was purchased directly from the original manufacturer. **Unauthorized converters can offer product but it may not be supported by warranty and certification of manufacturer**
  • Technically trained staff by the material manufacturer to support product selection and application specific requirements with continuing education and technical support
  • Stock available locally and willing to stock to reduce lead time and offer a broad range of material options for customers as needed.
  • Certified quality system providing required documentation, traceability, and certification from both the manufacturer and relevant certification agencies.
  • Rapid response to customer inquiries and quotation requests. If the information required isn’t immediately available, updates will be provided until your request is addressed.
  • Flexible order requirements from quick turn parts through high volume production, KraFAB will work with the customer to provide solutions and options for their unique and often changing requirements. From minimum order quantities, delivery schedules, terms and conditions, quality requirements, and design revisions, KraFAB is quick moving and willing to find unique solutions to meet your requests.

In addition to our benefits as an Authorized Distributor, there are additional benefits to being an Authorized Converter including…

  • Contractually authorized to fabricate (convert) materials from the manufacturer to the specified form required by the customer using equipment and procedures determined and supported by the manufacturer. Authorized converters are trained by the manufacturer in order to offer warranty supported by the manufacturer. **Unauthorized converters can offer product but cannot offer equivalent warranty and certification of manufacturer. **
  • Warranty and certifications from the manufacturer flow through to the customer because the product did not leave the authorized distribution network. ** Authorized converters are trained by the manufacturer in order to offer warranty supported by the manufacturer.**
  • Flexible order requirements are even more important on converted items. KraFAB can offer superior flexibility to meet your changing demands on minimum order quantities, delivery schedules, and design revisions.

EMI Shielding Design Support

Contact K. R. Anderson for design and manufacturing engineering support. We are one of the original Authorized Chomerics Distributor, Fabricator, and Form-In-Place gasket application centers in the United States.