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Nitto Double-Coated Adhesive Tape TR-5325F

The Nitto Denko double-coated adhesive tape is a thermally conductive adhesive tape with great heat-conducting properties. It has a thermally conductive adhesive layer and uses polyester film as a base material. It’s used across a wide range of industries but is especially useful for electronics applications.

At KRA Fabrication, we source reliable products from the industry’s most trusted suppliers. Our recommendations are based on years of experience and tailored to your project’s unique needs. Nitto’s double-coated adhesive tape is just one of the high-quality products we work with on a regular basis. When you partner with us, we’re here to help you select the very best materials for your project.

Why Use Nitto Double-Coated Adhesive Tape TR-5325F?

Nitto double-coated adhesive tape offers manufacturers excellent adhesion and adhesive reliability. It fixes things firmly and stays put for the long haul.

Other benefits of working with TR-5325F include:

  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Great adhesion and reliability
  • Flammability UL94 V-0 (halogen-free)
  • High workability and processability
  • Does not contain RoHS’s six restricted substances
Nitto Double-Coated Adhesive Tape TR-5325F

What Can Nitto Double-Coated Adhesive Tape TR-5325F Be Used For?

Nitto TR-5325F adhesive tape can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Fixing an LED substrate to the chassis
  • Fixing the CPU to a heat sink or heat radiation fan
  • Fixing various semiconductor packages to heat sinks
  • Fixing electronic components to a heat radiation sheet

The tape works with substrates including stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, glass epoxy, Bakelite, ceramics, and white solder resist for LEDs.

KRA Fabrication can help you find the right materials for your job based on our expertise, product knowledge, and years of experience. We’d be happy to discuss your project and evaluate which materials would work best for you.