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Resin Designs GT-1700 Sealing Strips

At KRA Fabrication, we work with the best suppliers in the industry to source high-quality products, including Resin Designs GT-1700 sealing strips. These innovative sealing strips are cold-applied, just like regular tapes and gaskets, but have sealing capabilities in league with high-performance potting compounds. They’re easy to use, but have great abilities to conform, coat, and self-heal… and they’re simple to re-enter.

What are Resin Designs GT-1700 sealing strips?

These cold-applied sealing strips feature a soft, pre-cured silicone gel that’s stabilized by mesh in the center. Both sides of the strip are tacky.

What are the benefits of Resin Designs GT-1700 sealing strips?

These strips are an excellent weather seal material because of their sealing and corrosion protection. The strips form a tight environmental seal (even in damp environments) that protects against corrosion. They can be applied without heat or special tools, which makes them easy to install — and also to inspect or repair.

The strips work well in both hot and cold temperatures to create a fast seal with no delay for long cure cycles. If you need to perform an inspection or make a repair, the strips peel away cleanly from the substrate they’re applied to.

Additional benefits include:

  • Specified at Boeing & Airbus for cabin floor tile sealing
  • Ultra soft silicone gel impregnated in fiberglass carrier
  • Very high tack on both sides, or one side low tack
  • Passes burn rate, toxicity and smoke density specifications for cabin use
  • Supplied on poly film, non-estensible
Resin Designs GT-1700 Sealing Strips
Resin Designs GT-1700 Sealing Strips

What can Resin Designs GT-1700 sealing strips be used for?

The strips are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used for connectors and electrical components.

The strips are highly conformable to work with tight bends and transitions. This makes them ideal for complex electrical connectors. For gasketing, the strips are easy to compress to flow and fill rough surfaces. They’re ideal for applications in which the applied force is low and not evenly distributed, too.

KRA Fabrication is dedicated to using the right materials for your job. We’d be happy to discuss your project and evaluate which materials would work best for you.