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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Services

KRAFAB offers a variety of laser cutting services through A-Laser to meet all of your precision cutting needs. This technique provides precise features with a high level of accuracy and repeatability. The services provided are capable of high cutting edge precision and position accuracy (+/- .0005), Fine contours and virtually radius-free internal edges (<20 micron beam) and contact-free material processing to prevent material distortion. Precision and quality is our main focus which allows us to excel providing advanced laser cutting for custom precision parts. The different laser cutting options include Laser Routing, Laser Skiving and Laser Depaneling.

Laser routing is the through cut contouring process used to create precise custom parts for a wide range of industries. The appropriate technology is typically determined by the material, thickness and details of the specific job. We are able to work with metals in thicknesses between .0005″- .040″ and non-metals between .0001″ and .060″. Laser routing provides burr-free cuts with no shape limitations. In this process there will be no delamination and the cut will be clean.

Laser Skiving i­s a process of selectively removing very thin material layers, usually used to expose copper or materials in a secondary layer, but also applicable in creating fluidic channels. A-Laser uses UV lasers which virtually eliminates carbon residues. Laser Skiving is extremely precise, its precision is up to 12 microns. A-Laser’s ability to offer a clean, consistent trace improves the functionality of the end product, decreases failure risks and increases part efficiency.

Laser depaneling is done using UV laser systems. The UV system vaporizes the material rather than melting it creating a burr free edge and leaving little to no carbon residue. This process is becoming more popular because of it creates numerous benefits for the customer that includes:

  • Customers can push right up to the edge of their board, as there is very little thermal influence
  • High precision cuts (+/- .0005”) add greater reliability
  • Contact free laser processing ensures the integrity of your panel
  • < 20 Micron beam size allows part spacing to be tighter saving materials

A-laser has the equipment, expertise, and quick turn capability to provide our laser cutting service customers with precision laser drilled panels of the highest quality in the shortest time. We know how critical tolerance is to high-end medical, aerospace and military applications and we meet that need by providing laser cut parts within .0005″ (12 micron) tolerances. For more information about the advanced laser equipment or the different cutting processes, contact KRAFAB and a technical representative will assist you with any questions that you may have.