KraFAB offers custom slitting capabilities to convert materials into widths required by the customer. Our cutting-edge equipment and years of experience allows us to cut a tape roll to 1/10 of an inch. KraFAB’s slitting service offers flexibility with widths as well as the type of materials.

Some of the materials include:


We cater to your applications needs by utilizing our slitting machines to slit your materials to your exact specifications. The various materials can be cut with three different techniques offered by KraFAB.

They include crush cut, baloney slit and razor cut. Razor cut slitting utilizes one blade to make a precise cut. This technique is used on thinner materials such as tapes and films. Crush cut slitting uses multiple knives and can be used on materials with varying thicknesses.

The final technique is baloney tape slitting. This process involves a blade that makes one cut, the machines passes over the log and continues to make cuts.

With years of experience and extensive knowledge of slitting, KraFAB will assist you with picking the correct technique for your material. There are many benefits of our slitting service including offering higher quality rolls, faster turnaround as well as utilizing more of the material, limiting waste.

KraFAB has an ISO 9001:2008 certification, which is set by industry standards by space, defense, aerospace and the government. Our services and the materials from our suppliers are capable of meeting the rigorous demands of most any industry. Our slitting service will take your product and customize it to the exact requirements of your applications needs. 

Our slitting services meet the rigorous demands of many industries