The process which individually separate but related items are packaged, grouped and supplied together as one unit is known as Kitting. Getting the right part in the form you need it is often just the beginning of your material supply challenge. KRAFAB’S kitting process is focused on assisting and providing the necessary materials and services to complete a project. Kits can be an integral part of your material and process solutions and an active part of your manufacturing, installation and field repair process. This process allows the correct approved items with documentation and procedures to get the job done efficiently.

KRAFABs’ kitting process is focused matching the part that is needed with other components as well as providing the instructions to assist in the completion of your project. KRAFAB is known to assist customers with significant issues including a customer that had an issue with galvanic corrosion on large outdoor enclosures for electronic communication equipment. We provided the EMI Gasket materials and designed a solution that solved the corrosion and shielding issues.

The next challenge was the need to support the customer’s subcontractors who were tasked with replacing the gaskets on the rooftops and towers. The solution was to offer a field repair and installation kits that include the gasket, instructions and other tools to assist in the completion of the project. KRAFAB recognizes the need for high quality, complementary products and service that are specifically tailored to meet the exact specifications of the customer. Some benefits of KRAFAB Kitting includes:

  • Avoids Delay (All items are shipped together)
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduced Material Waste
  • Improved Manufacturing Time

KRAFAB offers a wide range of kitting solutions to meet the demands of the customers. KRAFAB has a step by step process that allows matches the correct part with other components and gets it in the hands of our customers with the necessary tools and instructions. For more information in regards to our Kitting solution, contact KRAFAB and a highly skilled representative will assist in answering any questions that you may have.