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Chomerics Therm-A-Gap Gel 37

Therm-a-Gap Gel 37 by Parker Chomerics is an impressive innovation in the realm of thermal interface materials. This high performance gel is a fully cured, easily dispensable product suitable for a variety of applications, including telecom base stations, power supplies, transportation electronics, military hardware and anywhere a pad form thermally gap filler might be used.

This gel has a 3.7 W/m-K thermal conductivity and a flowable paste-like texture. This makes it ideal for high heat transfer applications, with fast and easy automated or manual dispensing onto components or sinks, excellent wet out for maximum heat transfer with very low component stress.

It can fill thick and thin gaps allowing for replacement of multiple thickness pad form gap fillers with just one SKU. It comes fully cured and is completely form stable allowing for high-reliability thermal solutions regardless of temperature cycling, shock, or vibration.

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Product Attributes

Because this material is a fully cure gel which wets out with very low component stress, it out performs traditonal pad from gap fillers both thermally and in terms of component stress. 

Gel form gap fillers allow the designer to avoid worrying about board or component joint strength and allows for looser stack up tolerances than are necessary with pad form gap fillers. Another nice benefit is that Therm-a-Gap 37 can be easily reworkable and re-used.

This versatile gel allows manufacturers to decrease build cost and complexity while improving product reliability.

Other important attributes include:

    • Compatible with almost any automated dispensing system
    • Meets Telcordia (Bellcore) silicone specifications
    • UL 94 V-0 compliant
    • Practical working and shelf life are indefinite

More common applications include:

  • Memory and power modules
  • Microprocessors / Graphics Processors
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • Consumer Electronics
Chomerics Therm-A-Gap Gel 37