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Films, Foils, and Foams

KraFAB stocks and sources a wide variety of films, foils, and foams that can be laminated and converted to meet specific design requirements. KraFAB can help you choose the material and then provide it in the form you need. Our expertise in foams, films, and foils will give you confidence in our approach in providing solutions to your applications.

The variety of backing substrates include:

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PTFE | Polyester | Polyimide | PVC | Polypropylene

Films, Foils and Foams


Aluminum | Copper

Films, Foils and Foams


Urethane | Neoprene | EPDM | Nitrile | Silicone | PVC

KraFAB Film Varieties

PTFE  |  Polyester  |  Polyimide  |  PVC  |  Polypropylene

PTFE films have a low coefficient of friction and non-stick properties as well as providing a comfortable release surface. PTFE films are unaffected by virtually all chemicals and it has high-temperature resistance. Film applications include composite bonding, masking and conveyor release linings.

The varieties of films are specially formulated for different applications whether it is for electronic assembly, composite bonding, or low-cost masking, KraFAB will provide a solution.

KraFAB also stocks a wide variety of aluminum and copper foil that offer high conductivity, conformability, and reflectivity at elevated temperatures. Service temperatures will range from -73 to 260 degrees Celsius.

The applications these aluminum and copper foils are well suited for include aircraft repainting, EMI shielding, thermal spray, and electroplating. KraFAB also has the capability to cut to length any of these materials to meet all your application needs.

KraFAB Foam Varieties

Urethane |  Neoprene |  EPDM |  Silicone | PVC

These high-performance foams are viable solutions to thermal management applications, sealing, bonding and vibration damping. Foams assist in bonding irregular surfaces, filling gaps and voids distributing stress uniformly over the bonded area. Foams carried by KraFAB are available in a variety of thickness and we can always cut the material to the correct size for your application.

When it comes to providing customers with innovative films, foils, and foams, KraFAB will find a solution for your application needs. Our highly skilled professionals will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the films, foils, and foams that we offer.