Gasket Materials

Selecting the proper gasket materials is crucial for optimal performance. Gaskets need to be compressible and resilient in order to compensate for the unconformity of mating surfaces, or surface irregularities.

Surface irregularities can be minute or large. The gasket material may need to limit the flow of gas or fluids through the irregularities.

In order to do this, gasket material suppliers need to have a wide selection of material and need to know how the material will perform in specific applications.

Gasket Materials

KRA Fab has a wide inventory that includes many gasket materials, perfect for any application. Selecting the right material for the right application is not easy, and all application variables must be taken into consideration to avoid potentially dangerous situations caused by gasket failure. KRA Fab’s experienced team members stay up-to-date as industry standards change and new products are introduced. They are ready to assist in making the proper gasket material selection.

Selecting the right EMI shielding material for your application can be challenging. KRA Fab offers detailed technical explanations and helpful advice on choosing solutions for EMI shielding.

Primary Materials

Conductive Elastomer Materials

Once used mainly to shield critical defense and aerospace electronic systems, conductive elastomers have become the progressive choice for multiple uses. Some of the ideal applications for conductive elastomer materials include telecommunications, automotive, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

Conductive elastomers are ideal for reliability over the life of the equipment. The same gasket is both an EMI shield and an environmental seal. Elastomer gaskets resist compression set, accommodate low closure force, and help control airflow. They’re available in corrosion-resistant and flame-resistant grades, as well as have aesthetic advantages.

Take a deep dive into learning more about conductive elastomers design.

Gasket Materials
Gasket Materials

Form-in-place EMI Gasketing

Materials for an EMI gasketing system are ideal for today’s densely populated electronics packaging. This is particularly essential in applications where intercompartmental isolation is required to separate processing and signal generating functions. Form-in-place EMI gasketing material is directly dispensed on castings, machined metal, and conductive plastic housings. It provides excellent electrical contact when mating conductive surfaces including printed circuit board traces.

Microwave Absorber Materials

Elastomer based absorber materials are designed to offer a user-friendly approach in reducing unwanted electromagnetic radiation from electronic equipment as well as minimizing cavity to cavity cross-coupling and microwave cavity resonances.

Integrated Solutions for Electronic Housing

KRA Fab can supply a complete single source solution to your EMI shielding needs in plastic housing. If the device requires a display filter, we can design and supply one using the latest technology. The filters can provide EMI shielding and improve visibility in any environment. The display filter may be incorporated into the housing or bezel, so it’s ready for assembly.

EMI shielding gaskets can be added as an integral part of the housing of all gasket technologies. If thermal management materials are needed, KRA Fab can supply heat sinks with thermal interface materials integrated into the housing. Non-conductive thermoplastics are available with secondary EMI coatings, dependent upon the needs of the application.