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Nitto TEMISH™ A high-performance filter to meet demands of high and low-complexity applications.

Automotive Applications

Highly selective filters are handy in most products intended to operate in closed-systems. Automotives, though, are in a league of their own when it comes to potential for exposure to the elements. We trust vehicles to protect us from dirt, water, wind, rocks, and even living things in addition to vibrations and gravitational forces.

Like phones, the electrical components of vehicles have made massive strides in technological function. With those advances come risks of increased sensitivity. Nitto’s TEMISH provides the best possible dustproof and waterproof protection while maintaining air and vapor flow. This extremely high selectivity provides not only a pollutant-free environment but also ensures equal air pressure to the external environment.

Automotive vent filters are an excellent demonstration of TEMISH™ in action. For headlights and foglights, the Nitto TEMISH™ CAPSEAL provides top-quality air pressure normalization and protection from dust and water infiltration in a protective, polypropylene cap.

For automotive electrical components, specifically, the TEMISH™ Z-Series functions as a plug-style installation filter with best-in-class cold and heat-resistance. The TEMISH™ E3-NTF Series involves a cap-end attachment best for smaller motors like those in wipers and power windows.

With such a wide range of applications, Nitto not only provides the housing for these varied applications, but also has a range of adhesives, air permeability and water pressure entry levels to meet the protocols of your specific production.

Nitto TEMISH® Vent Filter

Image Source: Nitto

Air Filters

The quality of the air we breathe has come under intense scrutiny since the COVID-19 pandemic. Nitto rises to the challenge with TEMISH™.

With its supreme air permeability and water and dust-proof qualities, TEMISH™ is an obvious candidate for inclusion in air filters. TEMISH™ releases dust and debris easily and performance is not decreased by cleaning. From HEPA filters to vacuums and face masks, TEMISH™ applications can be uniquely prepared–and pre-cut–to meet your design needs.

TEMISH™ is already being used in face masks as it provides increased breathability without sacrificing safety. Virus that spreads COVID is primarily transmitted within respiratory droplets, defined as fluid drops >5-10 μm in diameter. Nitto’s TEMISH™ meets and, in some applications surpasses, this range.


Image Source: Nitto