Nitto TEMISH® Vent Filter

What is a Nitto TEMISH vent filter?

The Nitto TEMISH vent filter is a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane that has several hundred million micropores per square centimeter. It is air, water vapor, and sound-permeable as well as water and dust proof. At KRA Fabrication, we use the TEMISH filter for many purposes. It is high quality and the low-cost solution to your application needs. When you partner with us, we’re here to help you select the very best materials for your project.

temish filter

Image Source: Nitto

Where can you use Temish?

The TEMISH vent filter is available in differential pressure adjusting parts to prevent pressure damage. It can be processed in various sizes and shapes to meet the needs of our customers.

TEMISH can be used in multiple applications including:

  • Clean rooms, vacuum cleaners, and medical respirators as a ULPA or HEPA filter
  • Semiconductor liquid filter
  • For a collection of powder or incinerator filter bag
  • Vent filter for automotive parts, mobile equipment, digital cameras

Image Source: Nitto

Why use the TEMISH vent filter?

In a typical closed system or vent holes application, environmental factors can cause products to not perform at greatest capacity. Time and temperature increases can cause high-pressure bursting or water and/or dust to appear inside an application. Temish blocks dust and water from getting inside, as well as keeps pressure balanced over time.

TEMISH is also ideal for oleo-phobic applications. It’s water-proof, dust-proof, repels oil and detergent, fusion bonds with plastic molding, and can be pre-punched so it’s ready to use!