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Alpha Advanced Materials

Alpha Advanced Materials

Alpha Advanced Materials (AAM) is the leading supplier of high performing and innovative products designed specifically for the semiconductor packaging industry. It produces products including stencils, fluxes an, adhesives that focused on photovoltaic electricity, power electronics and light emitting diodes (LED).

Established in 1872, AAM has been an industry leader in developing advanced materials used in the electronics industry. There are 160 locations around the world giving them the largest research and development capabilities in the industry. AAM is headquartered in Atlanta and its Asia operations are based out of Singapore.

Some of the advanced materials include:

These advanced materials are developed to meet the exact specifications of your electronic device. Getter materials offered by AAM are materials based on the property of certain solids to collect gasses by occlusion or adsorption. They offer a full line of getter products that minimizes field failures and improves working life. These innovative products are designed to scavenge moisture, particles and hydrogen. Getter materials offered by AAM cover a wide range of mechanical properties and applications technique. They meet the tough industry reliability standards including MILSPEC AND JEDEC.

Alpha Advanced Materials also offer a full line of thermosetting and thermoplastic bonding products. The materials cover a complete range of electrical, thermal and mechanical properties used for temporary mounting or permanent bonding. These bonding products meet MILSPEC AND JEDEC standards. AAM strive in working to meet the exact specifications you need for your devices. These products are advance and a premier choice for all of your high performance bonding applications.

Leading the way with advanced thermoplastic and thermosetting bonding products, Alpha Advanced Materials have also developed polysolder conductive adhesives. These materials have met the progressively complex demands of military display, semiconductors, MEMS assembly processes and reliability requirements. Polysolder provides junction stability in harsh environments. Customized rheology allows for a wide variety of application methods including stencil printing, screen printing or dispensing. Alpha Advanced Materials offers a wide selection of materials that will compliment your design and protect it from severe environments.

Alpha Advanced Materials is a cutting-edge company when it comes to designing advanced products for electronic devices. Having locations all of the world, AAM is well suited to supply the product that best fits your application in no time at all.