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Alpha Staydry H2-3000 The reliable, adaptable hydrogen getter for improving longevity and performance in challenging conditions.

What is a “getter?”

At the risk of being crude, here’s an analogy to emphasize the role and benefit of getters:

Imagine being able to place a newborn in a diaper that would completely protect the complex human system from its own damaging waste–for years.

That would save parents a lot of time, money, and effort!

Getters can be used as waste removal, or defense, for engineered products which may be at risk of damage from specific particles. Getters are showcased in hermetic packaging, which causes a vacuum state in a given package. Per the sealing process or due to reactions within the system as it operates, harmful substances can be introduced to the previously “safe” environment.

What does it do?

In the case of hydrogen contamination, common in space-bound components, a hydrogen getter captures and deactivates the harmful particles. Regardless of whether the hydrogen is introduced via a leak in the component’s packaging or released from within the sealed package, the hydrogen getter permanently renders it non-reactive.

For the Alpha Staydry H2-3000, the active hydrogen getter and desiccant are dispersed throughout a highly permeable, silicone polymer matrix. If you need a getter dedicated to moisture only, Alpha makes the Staydry Z20.

Adaptive applications

Because the kinds of microsystems requiring getters can be placed in a variety of differently sized and shaped packages, StayDry products can be converted to any size. This saves your team valuable time and resources–the getter adapts to your design, not the other way around. KRA sources Staydry H2-3000 in adhesive and non-adhesive options.

KRA Fabrication believes that the best manufacturing processes involve the right materials and the right processes. We’d be happy to discuss your project and evaluate which materials would work best for your purposes.