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Nitto SPV-224R/214R

Nitto SPV 224

Nitto SPV-224R/214R are surface protective materials.  The design protects metal plates due to the soft PVC film construction.  Electrical insulating materials are fundamental to electrical equipment and the power generation. Nitto offers a wide selection of materials that are well suited for semiconductors and electronic devices. They also offer optical device sealing materials and HDD peripheral materials.

SPV-224R/214R are made of acrylic, pressure sensitive material.  Their PVC film also features a silicone-based release coating.  The Nitto SPV-224R/214R is ideal for outdoor use.  It is also a supreme choice for processing stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, nameplates and more.

Choose the precise Nitto SPV-224R/214R using the charts below:

Standard Size / Color

Nitto SPV 224

General Properties

Nitto SPV 224

*1: Nominal thickness
*2: Adherend SUS430BA, Tensile speed 300mm/min, Peeling angle 180°, Dwell time 20-40 min.
*3: Tensile speed 300mm/min
*4: Tensile speed 300mm/min, strength and elongation when breaking

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