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K. R. Anderson supports customer requirements for converted and bulk manufacturing materials all over the world.

Who is K.R. Anderson?

K. R. Anderson prides itself on these core values:

Superior customer service

Fast turns of prototype & production parts


World-class quality standards

Application & production expertise


We partner with the best manufacturers in the engineered materials industry and focus on high-value products used in critical customer design and production applications. We have the ability to precisely fabricate based on customer requirements and provide quick turn prototypes through high volume production parts.

Fabrication Capabilities Converting Bulk Form Materials Into Finished Parts

Our 30 + years of experience in converted bulk form materials into finished parts. With our equipment and know-how, we are ready to handle any project from rapid prototyping to high volume production. Our sales and engineering team members average 12 years of manufacturing materials specification and fabrication experience giving them the ability to help you select the best material for your application, and to help you complete a part design with maximum performance at the lowest possible cost.

Form-in-Place Gasketing

  • Turnkey Gasketed Assemblies
  • Great for Complex Patterns
  • Low Cost Set Up
  • RTV & Heat Cure Silicones
  • EMI Shielding
  • Unfilled (Environmental)



  • Clean Manufacturing Environments
  • Field Service Kits
  • Consumer/MRO Kits
  • In-Process Repair
  • Tool Crib Kits
  • Special Packaging


  • Hybrid Multi-layer constructions of Adhesives
  • Heat Spreaders
  • Insulators
  • TIMs
  • Dielectrics
  • Conductors and/or Surface Protection Films

Die Cutting


  • Steel Rule Die (SRD)
  • Hard Tooling
  • Rotary Die Cutting


  • Custom Length and Shape
  • Very low-cost tooling
  • Splices are strong
  • Allows O ring profiles


  • Tapes, Foils & Films
  • Custom Laminates
  • Quick Turns of Customs Sizes

Our Value-Added Capabilities

Prototyping and Design for Manufacturing:

Material and Construction guidance for the best installed cost and/or cost of ownership for parts and assemblies.

Inventory Management:

Kanban, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Consignment and other stocking programs

Packaging, Labeling, and Kitting:

2/3D Bar-coding, Customized packaging solutions, right-sizing of curable materials (compounds, paints and coatings), kitting, part marking, subassemblies

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Quality and Security Assurance Programs

K.R. Anderson is very proud of its Quality Assurance Programs. Many of our customers have K.R. Anderson at the top of their AVL for materials and converted parts specifically because of our quality record. Due to our regular and comprehensive training programs for all employees on process, inspection, and documentation, our quality incentive programs, and mature process standardization and documentation ensure every part is checked at least twice we are able to consistently maintain a 98% rating with all customers and a 95% internal quality rating.

K.R. Anderson is one of only a handful of NIST 800-171 compliant materials and fabrication suppliers supporting U.S. defense and government programs. K.R. Anderson is already in the process of updating its security systems to meet the new CMMC security standard.

These trusted suppliers grow their business with K.R. Anderson

About Us

K. R. Anderson, Inc. was established in 1968 as a sales and distribution organization supporting high tech markets in the Silicon Valley. In 1987, K.R. Anderson, Inc. added custom fabrication of materials to its offerings. Form in Place gasketing was a significant addition to the capabilities in 1997. KR Anderson, Inc. and Rocky Mountain based sister company, Krayden, merged into one company in 2013 under the Krayden name. Product lines in common to both companies were now supported by one company, Krayden. K.R. Anderson was spun off as an independent distribution and conversion company for its exclusive lines using the trade name KraFAB.

Start Growing With Us Today

With materials & services to make every part of your project more seamless, and an experienced team to help you, creating fabricated products has never been easier.

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